In today's digital environment, Al is driving impressive growth and increasing productivity, but it also presents risks and requirements for ethical use. As regulations evolve, organizations must navigate the challenges of Al and ensure initiatives are ethical and compliant to avoid financial and reputational damage.

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Uncovering your Al Risk

Synergist offers a platform called AFFIRM, used by audit and consulting companies to manage Al audits for government, business, and Al vendors. Al audits focus on governance, risk management, and business alignment.

With Synergist, there are no surprises with your Al in terms of what you have. how you're using it, and whether it's performing as expected

Why us?

Multidisciplinary Expertise

A blend of user-friendly software with powerful auditing capabilities. Address the unique challenge of understanding where your Al is unreliable, unfair, insecure, or unstable.

Business Alignment

Executive dashboards and speed of tests show if what you expected from your Al is what you're getting.

Always ahead

Our global search for innovative testing methods ensures fast implementation, keeping you ahead of potential business disruptions.

Advanced Al testing: Advanced Al testing

With an extensive collection of test prompts from academia and industry experts, we ensure your Al's reliability keeps pace with the pace of innovation.

Audit of Al Systems

  • Al Policy & Procedures
  • Regulatory Adherence
  • Ethical Data Sourcing & Usage
  • Transparency & Accountability
  • Record keeping practices
  • Continual Accuracy &
  • Consistency
  • Analysis
  • Anti-Bias Monitoring
  • Privacy Safeguards
  • Brand Recovery
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Risk Scoring & Prioritization
  • Al Strategy & Roadmap
  • Staff Readiness
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPls)
  • Customer & User Feedback
  • Mechanisms
  • Continuos Improvement Planning

Safeguard your business today, stay out of the Wall Street Journal!

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and compliant manner that aligns with strategic goals.