AFFIRM is your platform for AI governance and compliance.

AFFIRM is a comprehensive AI governance and compliance platform that empowers organizations to safely and responsibly deploy AI systems. AFFIRM enables organizations to educate personnel on AI, inventory AI systems and use cases, manage AI regulatory compliance, and continuously monitor AI performance. AFFIRM is purpose built to help organizations manage the full lifecycle of AI governance and compliance.

Whether your organization is in the early stages of AI adoption, or you have multiple AI deployments across your organization, AFFIRM is your command-and-control center for responsible and comprehensive AI governance and compliance.


AI Discovery

Effective AI governance and compliance begins with educating your personnel and understanding where and how AI is deployed within your organization.

AI Education and Readiness

Prepare your organization for AI deployments. AFFIRM provides survey templates to benchmark the AI knowledge of your organization’s staff. The platform’s learning management system can be customized to meet the AI education requirements of your personnel.

AI Asset Inventory

Discover and inventory AI systems. AFFIRM enables organizations to create a centralized repository of all AI systems in-use, enhancing visibility into where AI is deployed across the organization.

AI Use Case Inventory

Document and inventory AI use cases. AFFIRM enables organizations to systemically define all AI use cases to create alignment on how AI systems are intended to function.

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AI Regulatory Compliance

Organizations must understand their external AI governance requirements. As regulatory activity around AI accelerates, it is imperative to have robust compliance policies to limit your organization’s AI regulatory risk.

Library of External Governance Frameworks

Manage regulatory requirements. AFFIRM provides a curated library of external AI governance frameworks to help organizations understand their regulatory requirements.

Model Compliance Policies

Create compliant AI policies. AFFIRM offers templated compliance policies that organizations can use to create internal documentation that meets the requirements of all relevant external governance frameworks.

Automated Compliance Policy Testing

Test compliance policies against external governance frameworks. AFFIRM enables organizations to automatically compare compliance policies against external governance frameworks to identify any requirement gaps.

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AI Asset Testing

Continuously testing AI systems after deployment is the most important aspect of effective AI governance and compliance. Organizations must constantly monitor the performance of their AI systems to determine if they are functioning as intended and to mitigate risks from unintended outcomes.

Prompt Creation and Management

Create and manage AI test prompts. AFFIRM allows organizations to create customized prompts for testing AI systems. The platform also includes a growing library of templated test prompts.

Continuous Testing of AI Assets

Monitor the performance of AI systems. AFFIRM continuously prompts AI systems to test performance in real-time. The platform analyzes the test results to measure accuracy, bias, and fairness, among other metrics.

Pre-Deployment Testing of AI Assets

Test AI systems before they are deployed. AFFIRM enables organizations to test their planned AI systems for accuracy, bias, and fairness before deployment, providing insight into the performance of the AI system before it is in production.

Automated Risk Alerts

Understand your AI risk. AFFIRM automatically generates alerts when an AI system deviates from acceptable performance thresholds, providing real-time visibility into potential risks within AI systems.

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AI GRC Reporting

Visualizing, maintaining, and reporting AI performance data and managing risk mitigation efforts are the final components of effective AI governance and compliance. Organizations must be able to substantiate that their AI systems are compliant and functioning as intended.

Performance Dashboard

Understand how AI systems are performing. AFFIRM includes a performance dashboard that enables organizations to visualize the performance of AI systems in real-time.

Testing and Documentation Archive

Access test results and supporting documentation with ease. AFFIRM provides organizations with a centralized archive of all AI system test results and corresponding documentation, streamlining data and information management for required compliance reporting.

Compliance Reporting

Generate reports for internal and external stakeholders. AFFIRM automatically creates compliance reports for external AI governance requirements. The platform also allows organizations to create customized reports for internal reporting needs.

Risk Mitigation Workflow Management

Manage AI risk mitigation efforts. AFFIRM automatically populates a risk matrix when AI system test results fall below acceptable performance thresholds. The platform’s risk matrix enables organizations to document mitigation efforts for identified AI risks.

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