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Model Language for AI Governance, Compliance, and Audit RFP

Model Language for AI Governance, Compliance, and Audit RFP

Request for Proposal (RFP) Scope of Work: AI Governance, Compliance, and Audit Solution

1. Introduction

[Your Company Name/Agency Name] is seeking proposals from qualified vendors to provide a comprehensive AI Governance, Compliance, and Audit (AI GCA) solution. This solution will include a software platform and any necessary professional services to support the implementation and ongoing use of the platform.

The AI GCA solution will enable us to effectively manage the development, deployment, and use of AI systems in accordance with industry best practices and any current or future regulations.

2. Background

[Briefly describe your organization's current state of AI development and deployment. Mention any specific challenges you face in managing AI governance, compliance, and audit.]

3. Scope of Work

The proposed AI GCA solution should address the following five key components of a comprehensive AI governance framework:

3.1 Mapping, Inventory & Use Case Identification

  • Capability to create and maintain a centralized inventory of all AI systems within the organization.
  • Functionality to document the specific use case for each AI system.
  • Tools for mapping data flows associated with each AI system, including data sources, algorithms, and outputs.
  • Ability to classify AI systems based on their risk profile.

3.2 Governance (Policy and Documentation Development)

  • Tools to support the development and management of AI governance policies, addressing principles like fairness, accountability, transparency, and explainability.
  • Functionality to define roles and responsibilities for AI development, deployment, and oversight.
  • Capability to create and maintain a comprehensive AI Development Lifecycle Framework.
  • Integration with data governance tools to ensure data quality, security, and privacy throughout the AI lifecycle.

3.3 Testing and Audit (Governance Documentation & AI Solutions)

  • Functionality to conduct regular audits of AI systems to assess performance, fairness, security, and compliance with regulations.
  • Tools for developing and managing comprehensive testing plans for AI systems for bias and robustness.
  • Capability to audit existing governance documentation against industry best practices and emerging laws, rules and regulations.
  • Tools for gap analysis to identify areas for improvement in governance practices.

3.4 Risk Assessment and Stratification

  • Capability to implement a risk assessment methodology to evaluate AI systems across various dimensions (e.g., bias, privacy, drift, safety, security).
  • Tools to assign risk scores based on the severity and likelihood of potential harm.
  • Functionality to stratify AI systems into risk tiers for prioritized resource allocation.
  • Ability to conduct regular risk assessments to capture evolving risks and adapt strategies accordingly.

3.5 Analytics and Reporting

  • Tools to collect and analyze data on AI system performance, governance practices, and audit findings.
  • Capability to generate comprehensive reports on AI compliance and risk management efforts.
  • Functionality to disseminate reports to relevant stakeholders (e.g., regulators, investors, management).
  • Tools for data analytics to identify patterns and trends in AI risks and performance.

4. Minimum Specifications

The proposed AI GCA solution should meet the following minimum specifications:

  • Software Platform:
    • Cloud-based or on-premise deployment options.
    • Scalable architecture to accommodate future growth in AI systems.
    • User-friendly interface for ease of use by personnel with varying technical expertise.
    • Secure access controls and data encryption.
    • Integration capabilities with existing IT infrastructure.
    • Open API for potential future integrations with other AI tools.
  • Professional Services:
    • Implementation and configuration of the AI GCA platform.
    • User training on the platform's core functionalities.
    • Ongoing support and maintenance of the platform.
    • Consulting services to assist with the development and implementation of AI governance policies and procedures.
    • Consulting services to assist with the identification of new applicable laws, rules, regulations or best practices, as well as the development of new test prompts to test and monitor new requirements.

5. Evaluation Criteria

Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Understanding of the AI governance, compliance, and audit requirements.
  • Functionality and capabilities of the proposed AI GCA solution.
  • Qualifications and experience of the proposed implementation team.
  • Cost of the solution, including software licenses, professional services, and ongoing maintenance.
  • References from previous clients.
  • NOTE: While past performance is a typical component of an RFP, we would caution against inclusion or heavy weighting. This is because AI compliance is such a new and emerging field, heavy reliance upon past performance may result in the elimination of some of the most new and capable vendors in this space and leave few options to choose from

6. Submission Instructions

Please submit your proposal electronically to [email protected] by [Due Date]. The proposal should include the following information:

  • A cover letter outlining your understanding of our requirements and your proposed approach.
  • A detailed description of the AI GCA solution, including its functionalities and how it addresses each component of the framework.
  • Information on the qualifications and experience of your team.
  • A breakdown of the total cost of the solution, including software licenses, professional services, and ongoing maintenance.
  • A list of references from previous clients who have implemented similar solutions.

We look forward to receiving your proposals.

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