CyberSecurity from Synergist Technologies

Synergist specializes in cybersecurity services for government and insurance sectors, prioritizing confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information systems.

Our tailored solutions meet unique cybersecurity needs, offering comprehensive services and proactive strategies. We collaborate with clients to develop robust security measures, ensuring compliance and best practices.

Training programs enhance employee awareness, crucial for maintaining a secure environment. Understanding the severe repercussions of cyber attacks, we take a proactive stance in crafting cybersecurity strategies to safeguard critical infrastructure and sensitive data.

CISOaaS Offering

Ensuring effective risk management for all client companies.

Our CISO-as-a-Service (CISOaaS) offering caters to organizations with data security needs, providing experienced Chief Security & Privacy Officers on demand.

Synergist employs a hub-and-spoke model, with a central team of experts collaborating with assigned CISOs to offer comprehensive security services. These CISOs work closely with clients either on-site, virtually, or through a hybrid model to identify and address cybersecurity risks, supported by ongoing training and resources from the central team.

CISOaaS Offering

Security Framework Alignment

Synergist supports our client in making the most informed risk decisions by aligning to a bespoke security model that is continually monitored and maintained.

Identification of Assets & Processes

The first step to effective risk management is understanding the assets and processes that are critical to business operations.

Risk Prioritization

Because not all risks are created equal, we manage to a risk prioritization process to sequence risk mitigation efforts and identify which risks are being accepted.

Timely Review & Update of the Risk Register

The threat landscape is constantly evolving, including zero-day threat, so a strong emphasis on timely review and updates to risk register is requisite.

Data Protection

We coordinate with our clients to protect sensitive data and ensure its confidentiality, integrity, and availability.  This includes data loss prevention (DLP).

Data Tagging 

Synergist develops a scheme to tag and classify data according to sensitivity and risk level.

Access and Identity Management

AIM (Access and Identity Management) ensures that only authorized users have access to data and resources in an organization, allowing for secure and reliable access across all users. 

Risk Identification & Prioritization

Through assessment and implementation of security controls, we can help you identify, evaluate, and prioritize risks to ensure maximum protection of your data and systems.

Modernization Services

Synergist assists in modernizing IT infrastructure per the risk prioritization defined above.

End of Life Support Remediation

Per risk prioritization, we address security vulnerabilities in unsupported systems.